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July 10, 2020

BlueConic Adds Stage-Based Lifecycle Orchestration

BlueConic Adds Stage-Based Lifecycle Orchestration

Business Wire

It’s been said that the world is divided into two types of people, those who divide the world into two types of people and those who do not. Similarly, CDPs are often between those that focus on assembling customer profiles and those that also activate customer profiles. BlueConic has reinforced its position in the activate camp by adding features to migrate customers between lifecycle stages and define marketing messages appropriate to each stage. It’s a more-flexible alternative to standard campaign flows.

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Auditors Conclude That Facebook Harms Civil Rights


Jamie, the Senior Intern in our Department of the Obvious, was exceptionally excited by this report that auditors found Facebook decisions have caused “serious setbacks for civil rights”. At first we thought it was the news itself, but Jamie then explained it confirmed his belief that presenting the obvious is a valid career path. He can’t wait to tell his parents.

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Publishers Struggle to Block Deceptive Ads: GeoEdge Report


Facebook gets no sympathy because they make their own rules. But other publishers are also struggling against a tide of deceptive ads, political and otherwise. This GeoEdge survey found that 69% of publishers see a moderate or large number of deceptive ads each week and that 20% have lost viewers as a result of publishing them. Avoiding bad ads has its own risks: 49% said they inadvertently block non-deceptive ads often or very often.

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