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February 16, 2017

Everybody Loves Surveys

Everybody loves surveys. As a special treat, today's newletter has three of them.  In return, can you do me a favor and fill out the CDP Institute's own new survey?  Link is here and you can be anonymous if you wish.

56% of Marketing Departments Share in Tech Decisions: CompTIA Report


IT trade group CompTIA asked U.S. IT workers about technology acquisition and management at their organizations. The main message was that IT shares responsibility with other departments.  Marketing was involved in technology decisions at 56% of the companies, ranking third behind IT itself (71%) and finance (61%). There were plenty of other interesting tidbits, including growth of tech budgets outside of IT (no faster than budgets within IT), priority of integration for IT (ranks behind infrastructure and innovation), and problems with integrating technology selected by non-IT buyers (38%) and with integrating cloud systems (25%). Marketers will find it an intriguing peek inside the minds of their IT team.

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81% of Firms Have Successful Big Data Projects: NewVantage Partners

NewVantage Partners

NewVantage Partners advises senior business and technology executives, largely at financial services companies.  They polled their constituents, mostly data and analytics leaders, about big data initiatives. Nearly all (95%) had at least started a project and 81% felt they had yielded some business benefit. But marketers may feel marginalized: the most common gains were in lower costs (49%) and innovation (44%), with new revenue ranked fourth (33%). Another interesting look at the world through non-marketer eyes.

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Marketers Don’t Understand Artificial Intelligence But Want What It Does: Forrester Study


Finally we have a study about marketers. AI-based marketing platform vendor Adgorithms had Forrester ask marketers about artificial intelligence, mostly as it relates to what Forrester calls “contextual marketing”. The main finding was many marketers wrongly think they’re doing contextual marketing already. In Forrester's words, “many marketers are operating with a very limited conception of contextual marketing and marketing optimization, to say nothing of next-generation capabilities like AI-driven marketing.” Confusion notwithstanding, nearly all marketers thought key AI use cases would be valuable (88% to 94%, depending on the case). Marketers cited cost as the primary barrier to using AI (48%), followed by finding the right AI technology (35%). Just 29% were concerned about integration – probably another sign that they haven’t really thought things through.

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