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August 3, 2020

Adobe Bans Political Ads from Advertising Cloud

Adobe Bans Political Ads from Advertising Cloud


So, the #StopHateForProfit Facebook ad boycott happened with no meaningful impact on the company’s revenue but what our friends at The New York Times call “reputational harm”. Arguably more significant, Adobe announced it will join Twitter in banning all political ads in its Advertising Cloud. Not that were many to start with, but it’s another talking point for people who argue that ineffectively governed political advertising is worse than none at all.

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Google Improves Ad Consent Management for Publishers


Last week’s Congressional anti-trust hearing with Big Tech leaders was also mostly a non-event, although TechCrunch did find some juicy tidbits in the published back-up materials. If you needed a reminder of how powerful those companies are, and their potential for making a positive contribution, we have news that Google is improving its consent management platform with the IAB’s standard and CCPA. The net is to make it easier for publishers to collect consent for ad tracking and other GDPR/CCPA requirements.

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Mailchimp Buys Inspector 6 for AI-Based Marketing Content Improvements


In more quotidian news, Mailchimp has purchased AI platform Inspector 6, which analyzes marketing content, looks at its performance, and suggests improvements. The target is small businesses that lack human staff to do such things. But if you human marketers aren’t looking over your shoulder, you should start.

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