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Privacy and Martech are more closely aligned than ever, but marketers aren’t getting the information they need. We’d like to help with this new publication.
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Privacy Shield is Out

Privacy Shield Ruling Adds to Brexit Complications

The UK faces potential data flow issues following the end of the Privacy Shield agreement between the EU and US. A no-Brexit deal could require more scrutiny.

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BigID’s Big Idea

BigID AppMarketplace

BigID has launched an app marketplace of apps by BigID and 3rd parties that expand privacy and security capabilities, including for governance, dark web breach monitoring and risk and retention management.

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Enforcement of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) began July 1. A new addendum to strengthen it goes to a vote in November.

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20 Ethyca resized.jpgIn the News:

How does working from home during COVID-19 impact data privacy?

Cillian Kieran, CEO of Ethyca, the data privacy company which last month received $13.5m Series A funding, said in this interview on France 24:

It’s been a huge transition and companies are “using a lot of new tools that accumulate personal information. Systems must be protected appropriately, and data must be retrievable and erasable and auditable."

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IBM’s Cost of Data Breach report, which was conducted in partnership with the Ponemon Institute, warns that data breach costs have increased by 10% in recent years while the speed of discovering breaches has decreased. On average, they say based on interviews with 3,200 individuals involved in data breaches, it takes 280 days to mend a breach.

Not only does this mean lost revenue, but also a loss of customer trust and damage to a company’s reputation.

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