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August 21, 2020

Half of IT Organizations Knowingly Ship Insecure Systems

Half of IT Organizations Knowingly Ship Insecure Systems: Veracode Report


Today’s theme, for no particular reason, is Data Professionals Behaving Badly. First we have news that 48% of IT organizations regularly release applications they know contain security flaws. See this blog post for a full-scale rant on the topic, quoting a half-dozen different surveys.

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Two-Thirds of Companies Don’t Use Privacy Protection Tools: Informatica Study


Next, let’s train our sights on Chief Data Officers. Two thirds (65%) told Informatica that data privacy and protection are a top performance metric, yet 53% don’t use privacy and protection tools and 40% don’t even track risk metrics. Bear in mind these are the same data people who have “you manage what you measure” tattooed in places you don't usually see.

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Average Company Has Connected 49% of Its Data: SnapLogic Research


Finally, SnapLogic reports IT leaders say the average company has connected just 49% of its 115 data sources. This isn’t entirely for lack of trying but it still means the average employee loses 4 hours per week resolving data issues and that 42% of processes which could be automated are still done manually. Biggest obstacles are legacy technology, complex data types, data siloes, and regulatory requirements.

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