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September 1, 2020

People Watched More TV But Paid Less Attention During Lock-Downs

People Watched More TV But Paid Less Attention During Lock-Downs: TVision Report


Votes, coronavirus cases, census households: measurement is a hot topic right now. TVision can’t solve any of those problems but does claim a better way to track TV viewers. Their latest semi-annual report finds that TV sets were on 77% more during stay-at-home periods, but viewability and attention went down. You’ll have to read the report to learn what that means.

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Reported Data Breaches Are Down But Don’t Be Fooled: Risk Based Security

Risk Based Security

Meanwhile, the nice people at Risk Based Security have issued their own semi-annual report on data breaches. They found the number dropped by half in the first six months of 2020 vs 2019 but suspect the measures are off because reporting has been disrupted. Download to catch up on the latest data breach trends.

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More than 25,000 Databases Scratched by “Meow” Attacks


Et tu, Fluffy? No one really thinks a cat is behind the notorious “meow” attacks on misconfigured cloud databases, but it's 2020 so anything is possible.  We do know that more than 25,000 Elasticsearch and MongoDB databases have been wiped, up from an estimated 1,500 barely one month ago. That’s one busy kitty unless she’s attracted some copycats.

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