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The privacy market needs to get consumers on board

Data privacy is increasingly in the news, gaining market share and attracting investors. But many consumers who want more security and to know how their data is being used, mistrust companies they're dealing with. As a result, they are reluctant to share or engage in the process. Marketers can change this by taking a leadership role in improving communication.

--Susan Raab, Editor


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MarketWatch reports 16% annual growth in data protection industry 

Data Protection Market projected to exceed $119B by 2022

A new MarketWatch survey on data protection spending projected substantial growth spurred by enormous amounts of data collection and increased privacy security concern.  Identity and Access Management (IAM), which includes provisioning, advanced authentication, and password management, is expected to dominate the Data Protection Market (DMP), as is the healthcare industry vertical.

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That Billboard is watching you

Tracking-Enabled billboards set to launch across Europe

Billboards have proven to be an extremely effective form of advertising. Now Clear Channel Outdoor, which operates 500,000 print and digital billboards worldwide, is about to bring personal-tracking billboard tech they've used in the U.S. to the EU. Called Radar, this technology uses "anonymous, aggregated outdoor data," to track where you go after you've seen ads and, behaviorally see what you do. Staying indoors here....

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New Zealand's 2020 Privacy Act goes into effect December 1. A key provision is the requirement  for mandatory notification of harmful privacy breaches and a $10,000 fine for violation. 

PRIVITAR survey: 78% of consumers concerned about protecting personal data 

Consumers are concerned, confused and apprehensive about how businesses use their data, according to the 2020 Consumer Trust and Data Privacy Report released by Privitar. Citing a need for businesses to take a leadership role and build brand loyalty by protecting customers, Privitar's announcement indicates that nearly half surveyed said they would not share sensitive data; a third said they did not read privacy notices; and as few as 21% said they would be willing share health data for contract tracing purposes because of privacy concerns.

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APPLE IOS 14 prompts fears of big ad revenue drop

A new privacy feature in Apple's pending update has online publishers and mobile ad companies worried vast numbers of users will opt to block ads. iOS 14 has a pop-up notifying users when an app wants to track them, and requires their opt-in to allow it.  

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Berbix raises $9M for AI ID-verification 

Berbix, a start-up by former Airbnb trust and safety team members, announced it raised $9 million Series A funding. The platform exposes fraud via granular ID flags and prompts end-users to validate their IDs.

The ID-verification-as-a-service market is anticipated to grow to between $16-20B by 2022, according to McKinsey. 

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Dataguise releases new personal data discovery protection software

Dataguise announced a patent-pending method of projecting unique data counts that enables organizations to report impact of a data breach faster and more accurately to reduce risk.

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Privacy Software

Customer Experience Matrix review: BigID Logo2.png

BigID is a specialist in data discovery. The system applies a particularly robust set of automated tools to examine and classify all types of data - structured, semi-structured, and unstructured; cloud and on-premise; in any language. For identified items, it builds a list showing the application, object name, data type, server, geographic location, and other details. 

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TruFactor article in CDP Institute's blog poses four key questions on responsible data use.            Read More



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