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September 14, 2020

Oracle Drops Third-Party Targeting Data in Europe

Oracle Drops Third-Party Targeting Data in Europe


Oracle has reportedly told advertisers its Oracle Data Cloud DMP will stop offering third-party targeting data to customers in Europe. Cookie-based collection of such data has looked increasingly like a GDPR violation and the decision may have been hastened by class action lawsuits filed in August against Oracle and Salesforce.

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Marketers More Worried That AI Threatens Their Jobs

R.R. Donnelley

Marketers have grown more fearful of artificial intelligence since the pandemic began, according to R.R. Donnelley research. Concern that AI or machine learning would limit their personal growth grew from 14% in late 2019 to 59% in mid-2020. Worry that AI and ML would reduce creativity and intuition grew from 27% to 68%. Lots more here of interest.

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Facebook Limits Ad Variants To Help AI


One sign that AI is taking over will be marketing campaigns designed for AI to manage. Right on cue, our friends at Facebook have limited the number of ad variations allowed per page so their machine learning tools can learn more quickly which versions work best. Did you really need yet another sign of the apocalypse?

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