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September 17, 2020

Atlassian Commits $50 Million to Platform Partners

Atlassian Commits $50 Million to Platform Partners


There’s so much we need to discuss, Dear Reader, that today I’ll jam in more items than usual. We’ll start slowly: project management software vendor Atlassian is launching a $50 million venture fund to support companies that connect to its platforms. Forget private islands; having your own ecosystem is clearly the latest status symbol for tech moguls.

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Data, Shmayta: Marketers Pull Back from Analytics

PAN Communications

Ignoring data is another trend, and it's not just for politicians.  PAN Communications found marketers have shifted their content goals to emotional connection, are less likely to measure performance against revenue, and are more likely to feel they don’t need analytical skills.  Similarly, Veritone reports that just 33% of marketers say data is critical when selecting content and that Return on Ad Spend is dead last on their list of metrics. The Forrester study we covered yesterday found marketers rating content development above analytics as the most important skills for new hires.

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Legal Woes Mount for Big Tech


Speaking of politicians, let's catch up with Big Tech Goes to Washington. In the politically-tinged TikTok soap opera, several players are having second thoughts about the ill-defined Oracle deal. Meanwhile, the Federal Trade Commission is eyeing anti-trust action against Facebook and the Justice Department and Republican state attorney generals are rattling anti-trust swords at Google.  Outside the Beltway, Google faces a $3 billion lawsuit in the United Kingdom over children’s privacy at YouTube.

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