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September 24, 2020

Two-Thirds of Marketers Prefer Best-of-Breed Architecture: Merkle Study

Two-Thirds of Marketers Prefer Best-of-Breed Architecture: Merkle Study


We have two big funding announcements today: a $230 million Series D for personalized text messaging platform Attentive and $300 million for marketplace platform Mirakl. But haven’t seemed interested in such things recently, Dear Reader, so let’s instead look at this Merkle survey on customer engagement technology. Lots of fun facts including: 67% prefer best-of-breed vs a single-stack architecture; 79% prefer custom-built to off-the-shelf systems; and 26% have API access to a central customer file. Download for more.

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Two-Thirds of Marketing Organizations Are Centralized: Gartner Survey


Our friends at Gartner have their own new survey, this time about marketing organizations. Two-third of companies said they have a fully or mostly centralized marketing organization; 49% have shared services groups; and a growing fraction (now 27%) have a functional organization, compared with industry (20%), brand (19%), channel (20%) or geographic (14%) organizations. Oh, and companies use agile project management are more effective at everything.

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(Almost) Two-Thirds of Marketers See Better Analytics as High Priority: Forrester Report


Forrester analysts have also been hard at work, with a Google-sponsored study finding that better use of data and analytics is a top-5 priority for 63% of marketers and siloes are the top data challenge (57%). Fewer than half (42%) have a cross-platform view of Web and app analytics, which might seem like a little or a lot. But 84% consider cross-platform analytics critical or very important, so let’s call that glass half empty.

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