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September 25, 2020

CDP CrossEngage Raises $7.6 Million and Merges with GPredictive

CDP CrossEngage Raises $7.6 Million and Merges with GPredictive


CDP CrossEngage is merging with predictive analytics vendor GPredictive, in a deal that also adds €6.5 million ($7.6 million) in new venture funding. The combined firms will operate under the CrossEngage brand although both products will still be sold separately and top managers from both firms will remain at the company.

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AirShip Acquires ReplyBuy for SMS Dialogs and Commerce


Messaging company Airship has acquired ReplyBuy, which enables two-way conversations and payments over SMS. Airship plans to add commerce capabilities to all its channels. Perhaps you’ve heard that ecommerce has grown rapidly this year.

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Amobee and Lotame Partner for Social Audience Activation


Third-party cookies may be vanishing but Lotame still sells third-party data enrichment. They’ve just partnered with ad platform Amobee, which has its own identity graph, to target Lotame audience segments on major social platforms.

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