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September 29, 2020

Google Proposes Cookie-Free Approach to Programmatic Ad Targeting

Google Proposes Cookie-Free Approach to Programmatic Ad Targeting


Google has posted its latest proposal for privacy-safe programmatic ad targeting, called DOVEKEY, for discussion on GitHub. To preserve privacy, bids are made against anonymous interest group IDs rather than specific individuals. Work is shared between the browser and a trusted third-party server so there’s no need to trust Google to run the auctions itself. See the GitHub article and this DigiDay piece for details.

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Microsoft and Verizon Adopt IAS for Brand Safety

Integral Ad Science

Microsoft will rely on Integral Ad Science to block inappropriate content across Microsoft Web sites including MSN, Outlook.com, and Microsoft Edge. It’s IAS’s second big win in a week, following news that Verizon Media will use IAS to promote brand safety and improve contextual targeting. Brand safety is an increasing concern among advertisers.

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Consumers Prefer Effective Service Over Recognition: CCW Digital Report


In our on-going campaign to convince you that consumers care more about convenience than personalization, here’s a study for CallMiner by CCW Digital. They found the most important attributes of customer service are accurate information and resolution (42%) and speed and efficiency (33%). Proving they know you was dead last at 2%. Lots more here if you want to know what consumers say makes a good experience.

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