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September 30, 2020

Oracle Unity CDP Expands Integrations

Oracle Unity CDP Expands Integrations


‘Tis the season for CDP announcements. Yesterday was Oracle’s turn and the theme was integration: they offered integrations with Sourcepoint and OneTrust privacy systems and tighter integration with Oracle’s own Eloqua, Data Management Platform, and Infinity streaming data collector. Also added: support for B2B data models and a universal data collection tag.

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CDP CustomerLabs Adds No-Code Integration Builder


Small business CDP CustomerLabs also has integration news: a no-code data connection tool called CDP Sources. What more can I say?

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Social Native Acquires Olapic to Expand User-Generated Content Services


Social Native applies advanced analytics to match brands with social media content creators. They just bought Olapic, which helps brands source user-generated visual content. The combined firm will apply Social Native’s analytics to Olapic’s content collection. Makes sense.

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