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March 1, 2017

50% of Marketers Report Poor Alignment with Corporate Goals

Trillium Software Adds Customer Data Verification and Enrichment


Trillum Software started doing customer data quality and identity resolution in 1994, back when it mostly involved postal addresses. The business was purchased last November by data management software specialist Syncsort. Trillium has just released a new Data-as-a-Service solution that adds validation, verification, and enrichment of email, phone, postal, and IP addresses to its postal and geocoding, data cleansing and matching features. The new service can verify personal data such as postal address or phone number, or add similar information if it’s missing. It can be accessed through a published API or through existing connectors for Salesforce.com and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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Bluecore Introduces Decisioning Platform for Commerce Marketers


“Marketers don’t need more data. They need help using it - that’s the missing component in today’s marketing stack,” says Bluecore CEO Fayez Mohamood in their press release. That’s the CDP message in a nut shell. Bluecore, which calls itself a “decision platform”, offers the core CDP capability of building unified data sets and the optional CDP functions of selecting personalized messages and deploying them through channel systems. To qualify as a true CDP it would also need to expose its data for external access.  Bluecore just launched a new version of its system at the eTail West conference. It gathers customer data from email and ecommerce Web sites and sends messages through email, Web, display, and social channels.

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50% of Marketers Report Poor Alignment with Corporate Goals: Squiz Survey


Squiz, a “global digital transformation organization”, asked 600+ senior marketers at large enterprises about marketing technology. Most striking finding was that 50% reported strong alignment between C-suite goals and marketing goals.  That seems reasonable (nearly all the rest said they were “somewhat” aligned) until you think about it – shouldn’t those goals always be aligned? Perhaps the misalignment explains why 61% cited budget as their biggest obstacle to achieving marketing goals, even though 81% felt the business understands the marketing’s goals for martech investments. You could read that to mean the other groups understand marketing’s goals and don’t find them compelling. Good news is that 64% of marketers plan extensive martech investments anyway.

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