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October 30, 2020

ActionIQ Delivers Instantly-Scaling Data Engine

ActionIQ Delivers Instantly-Scaling Data Engine


CDP ActionIQ has launched its next-generation data engine, modestly named InfiniteCompute. It promises near-instant adjustment to workloads from multiple users,  delivering responses in minutes at any scale. Unneeded resources are released when workloads are lower, avoiding unnecessary expense.

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BI Industry Action: Qlik Buys Blendr.io and TIBCO Buys Information Builders


CDPs like ActionIQ share some turf with general purpose business intelligence engines. Glancing into that neighborhood, we see that Qlik just bought Blendr.io, an integration platform that will ease connections with 500+ of SaaS applications and cloud-based data sources. Also, TIBCO bought ibi, formerly Information Builders, Inc., which has offered a low-code development platform since the 1970s – well before low-code was cool. If you don’t know what a 4GL is, ask your grandmother.

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Adobe Partners with Merkle for Identity Resolution

Merkle Inc.

Dentsu’s Merkle group also had its origins in the 1970’s. They just signed a deal for Adobe to integrate Merkle’s Merkury identity resolution platform. It’s another move to strengthen first party data capabilities as third party data becomes harder to find.

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