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November 20, 2020

Experian Buys Tapad for Cross-Device ID Resolution

Experian Buys Tapad for Cross-Device ID Resolution


Experian has purchased identity resolution vendor Tapad, one of the few remaining companies building cross-device identity graphs. New privacy laws have stressed Tapad’s business but also made compliant graphs more valuable to customer data companies like Experian.

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Nielsen Adopts Cookieless IDs from Trade Desk; Neustar Offers Marketing Analytics Based on Its Own Unified IDs


More ID news: Nielsen has revealed its own cookieless ID system, based on the increasingly-popular Unified ID 2.0 framework being developed by Trade Desk. Unified ID 2.0 relies on hashed and encrypted email addresses. Also: Neustar is leveraging its cookie-free cross channel ID system, Fabrik, for a marketing analytics solution that combines marketing mix models and multi-touch attribution.

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Companies Build Software for Competitive Advantage: Rackspace Survey


Meanwhile, this Rackspace survey finds there is no radical shift towards building rather than buying software, even though no code/low code technologies are widely adopted. But they also find that companies are focusing their building on customer-facing systems that create unique competitive advantages. Especially interesting, companies cite the same reasons in the same order for both building and buying: ease of use/implementation, competitive advantage, customization, and cost savings.

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