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December 3, 2020

75% of CDP Users Expect At Least 5X ROI

75% of CDP Users Expect At Least 5X ROI: Twilio Segment Survey

Twilio Segment

It’s always a good day when we have a CDP survey for you, Dear Reader. Twilio Segment reports that customer experience is the most common use case for CDPs (cited by 73%) and reliable, scalable customer data is the most common CDP business objective. Enthusiasm is high: 86% plan to continue using a CDP and 75% expect 5X or higher ROI from their CDP investment.

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ZoomInfo Offers Cookie-Free Intent-Based Targeting


Have you taken a break from worrying how the loss of third-party cookies will impact ad targeting to worry instead how it will impact collection of B2B intent data? Sorry to spoil your fun, but ZoomInfo is way ahead you. They just announced Privacy Clusters, which uses cookie-free technology to find groups of anonymous devices associated with a particular company, extract company-level intent signals, and send targeted messages. Huzzah!

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Microsoft Masks Productivity Score After Privacy Complaints


It took just one day after our privacy newsletter called out Microsoft’s Productivity Score as a surveillance nightmare for Microsoft to hide individual information. Okay, lots of other people raised the same issue. Regardless, it shows increasing awareness of workplace privacy issues, especially during the pandemic.

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