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December 7, 2020

Admetrics Offers Free Optimization Engine

Admetrics Offers Free Optimization Engine


Here’s a little stocking stuffer: Admetrics has just launched a freemium version of its Quantify automated campaign experimentation engine. Like its professional big brother, the system combines multivariate testing with Bayesian statistics and machine learning to deliver results more quickly and with less data than traditional A/B tests. And it can automatically introduce new variations as these become available, enabling continuous improvement.

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GoSite Raises $40 Million Series B for Service Business Marketing


E-commerce gets all the attention right now but plenty of small businesses like landscapers and veterinarians still have to deliver their services in person. Many prefer all-in-one solutions that minimize their technology burden. GoSite offers one of those, combining Web sites, directory listing, messaging, appointments, payments, and review management. They just raised a $40 million Series B, bringing their total to $56 million.

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Wrapify and Kiwibot Place Ads on Autonomous Delivery Vehicles


Even physical services are impacted by technology like autonomous delivery bots. It was just a matter of time until someone used those as ad platforms. That day has come, with news that Wrapify, which puts ads on vehicles (and applies location tracking to target them effectively), has partnered with autonomous delivery service Kiwibot. You can see it now in San Jose and soon in Denver and Los Angeles.

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