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December 8, 2020

Cisco Pays $730 Million for IMImobile Customer Interaction Suite

Cisco Pays $730 Million for IMImobile Customer Interaction Suite


It’s easy to think of Cisco as an infrastructure company but their products also include Webex and contact center systems, so they are definitely in the customer experience and collaboration industries too. Reinforcing the point: they just paid $730 million for IMImobile, which offers a cross-channel customer interaction management suite. In other words, they live closer to Salesforce, Pega, and Twilio than you might have realized.

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Exclaimer Raises $133 Million to Manage Email Signatures


“Email signature manager” sounds like one of those fake jobs listed on the The Onion. But it’s actually a big enough industry that one of the vendors, Exclaimer, has just raised $133 million from private equity investors, bringing total funding to $164 million. Their superpower is centrally controlling signatures for everyone in a big company.

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Wonder Raises $11 Million for Better Virtual Events


“Virtual event manager” might also have sounded like a fake job a year ago but today it’s obviously real. Plenty of companies are working to develop on-line experiences that reproduce the good bits of live events, although it’s not always exactly clear what those were. If you’re keeping a list of the contenders, Wonder just announced an $11 million seed round for technology that makes it easier to strike up a conversation with online avatars.

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