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Feels like privacy questions are everywhere!

In something between the Dr. Seuss quote "From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere" and Superman's "Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! it's a plane..." privacy concerns seem to be coming from every direction. In this issue, check Apple app rules, NZ legislation changes, and drones over a country near you. 

--Susan Raab, Editor

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Offering ways to use sensitive data for analytics

Privitar adds Right to be Forgotten and features for safe use of sensitive data

The new version of Privitar's Data Privacy Platform simplifies compliance for Right to Be Forgotten requests. It also is able to retain de-identified data for machine learning and analytics use, if desired. 

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Just-in-time help to comply with Apple's new app rules

Data Theorems' new privacy toolkit and data leak dashboard helps speed compliance

Apple's rule that developers must disclose information collected and 3rd-party sharing is a big burden. Data Theorem has a quick and easy-to-use tool set to make this easier to automate, monitor and fully disclose details.   

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New Zealand's Privacy Act 2020 went into effect December 1. Key changes include: 1) Businesses must notify the Office of the Privacy Commissioner if they lose data or experience a breach; 2) The Act now applies to all businesses that do business in NZ, regardless of where they're based; and 3) Data can only be collected when need is demonstrated.

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Could Alexa be hearing your PIN drop?

A new University of Cambridge study indicates voice assistants like Alexa, Amazon Echo and Google Home can pick up room noise including keyboard taps that malicious actors might subsequently use to discover your PINs. This is an increasing privacy threat as we add more smart speakers throughout our workplaces and homes. 

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Surfshark's issues map series of drone privacy laws in 210 countries

The data security firm collated information on legislation to show where drones are prohibited or welcome to fly. They want to see support for an international privacy framework for drone legislation.

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In Brief:

WhatsApp offers users a 2021 privacy policy ultimatum: Sign here or leave. Read More   

New EU privacy rule threatens child abuse monitoring: Children's advocacy groups fear loss of access to key data. Read More

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