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March 8, 2017

CDPs Are Not Snake Oil, and Other News

IBM Embeds Watson AI Within Salesforce


IBM and Salesforce.com announced a strategic partnership to embed the Watson artificial intelligence system with Salesforce CRM products. What’s intriguing is the press release describes the deal as bringing Watson’s “structured and unstructured data” to the party, not any grand cognitive capabilities. It gives an example of exposing data from IBM’s Weather.com business for Salesforce to analyze. More evidence that AI is approaching a commodity but data is the new crown jewel.

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Majority of Marketers To Abandon Single Click Attribution: AdRoll Report


Web retargeting expert AdRoll issued an interesting report on the State of Performance Marketing. Topics range across the entire funnel and interesting tidbits include: 78% of marketing budgets are spent on acquisition; 69% of marketers send dynamic emails based on behavior; and 57% plan to move away from single-click attribution in the future. That's a big shift but one that, as AdRoll points out, would assign more value to retargeting.

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Customer Data Platform Are Not Snake Oil

CDP Institute

The CDP Institute recently asked several senior IT managers for their opinions on Customer Data Platforms. They had a number of objections that deserve to be taken seriously. Read more on our blog.

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