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December 11, 2020

CDPs Deliver Value But Could Be Better

CDPs Deliver Value But Could Be Better: Twilio Segment Research

Twilio Segment

Eighty percent of CDP users say their system has helped to meet customer expectations, according to this Forrester study for Twilio Segment. But they want more: just 31% said they were satisfied with their current solution and 65% expect to increase investment in data tools. The biggest gaps relate to activation: using automation to unify customer touchpoints and applying real-time insights to customer interactions.

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Verint Launches System to Manage Engagement Data

Business Wire

Verint is a specialist in generating insights related to customer interactions. They’ve just released an “engagement data management” system, which they describe as “the industry’s first offering specifically designed to enhance the management and value of engagement data in its many forms”. It’s like a CDP, but less.

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TechTarget Buys BrightTALK for $150 million


You may have thought BrightTALK was in the business of delivering Webinars, but it turns out they’re really collecting intent data. At least that’s the perspective of TechTarget, which just bought them to grow its stock of intent information. Price was $150 million.

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