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Big Tech under the gavel with new fines and regs 

Pressure builds as the biggest tech companies face millions in fines from the EU and new calls for restrictions on power. Also, vaccine and biometric data collection a concern in the U.S.

--Susan Raab, Editor

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Google receives CNIL's biggest fine to date

Google, Amazon get $163M fine and 3 month ultimatums from CNIL

France's Data Authority, CNIL doubled its highest previous penalty and charged Google $121M, saying it does not sufficiently inform French Google users why and how cookies are used. Amazon similarly was given a $42.5M fine for putting cookies on users' computers without consent. Both companies disagree.

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Second round of funding for Skyflow since May

Skyflow raises $17.5M in series A funding for privacy vault technology

Skyflow loads sensitive customer data into a cloud-based vault so companies don't have to store it for themselves. Information is encrypted, enabling companies can analyze it without exposing the underlying data.

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Facebook, Google and Apple are targets of EU draft legislation introduced to curb their global control. The Digital Services Act (DSA) and Digital Markets Act (DMA), backed by fifteen former presidents and premiers of EU states, aims to shift the power balance away from big tech. 

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U.S. government and states negotiating about how much vaccine data will be shared

As Covid-19 vaccines begins to roll out, the government's Operation Warp Speed is asking states to turn over data to be stored in a new national Data Clearinghouse to help track and manage the vaccination program. Most states have agreed, but some including New York and Minnesota have raised concerns about some personal information that's been requested. Key issues are whether data could get into the wrong hands and if what's being collected might keep some immigrant populations from participating in the program. 

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EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) warns predictive AI poses risk for mass surveillance

Vienna-based watchdog FRA has requested guidance from the EU on how its current rules apply to AI for "high-risk sectors," including healthcare and transportation. In part, the agency wants to ensure that people can approve decisions made by AI and require companies to explain how their systems utilize AI. 

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In Brief:

NYC Council requires public notice of facial recognition use: Business fines to be imposed for collecting or selling. Read More   

Amazon Halo is "most invasive tech" [Washington Post]: Always-on listening & full-body health critique. Read More

Desjardins FinTech breach is largest in Canada, affecting 9.7M people: Malicious employee siphoned data for 2 years. Read More 

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