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December 18, 2020

Microsoft Launches Any-Source Data Discovery Tool

Microsoft Launches Any-Source Data Discovery Tool


Microsoft Azure has released a tool to discover and map data residing in all systems, within and outside of Azure itself. Azure Purview scans metadata and adds data sensitivity levels that help enforce limits based on privacy or other considerations. Data discovery is a key challenge for both Customer Data Platform implementations and privacy management.

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Kenshoo Buys Signals Analytics to Ingest More Data


Ad measurement platform Kenshoo has purchased Signals Analytics, an AI-powered analytical platform that lets companies pull in external data for a more complete picture of product and marketing performance. The “connected knowledge graph across brand, consumer, product, campaign, publisher and market data silos” sounds CDP-like but probably doesn’t extend to individual-level customer data.

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PostHog Raises $12 Million for Open Source, No-Code Product Analytics


PostHog – whose stylized hedgehog logo is so darn cute – has raised a $12 million Series A for its open source product analytics system. The no-code system captures events and behaviors in mobile and Web apps, loads them into a data store, and gives users tools to analyze them. Product and content analytics are trends to watch if you’ve already binged all the good Netflix series.

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