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December 21, 2020

Privacy Impact Is Media Buyers’ Top Worry for 2021

Privacy Impact Is Media Buyers’ Top Worry for 2021: IAB Survey

Interactive Advertising Bureau

Media spend will rise by 6% next year, according to this IAB survey. Growth will be entirely concentrated in digital budgets, which will rise 14% to reach 71% of total spend while traditional media falls by 5%. Privacy regulations top the list of buyer concerns, cited by 41%, and are closely followed by the need for more first party data (37%).

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App Science Launches Tool to Measure CTV Campaign Results

PR Web

As third-party cookies vanish, connected TV (CTV) becomes as a more measurable alternative to Web display ads. App Science has just emerged from stealth to take advantage of this with Insights Report, a dashboard that analyzes campaign performance by correlating data from 300 million mobile devices and 110 million CTV households. It’s a spinoff of Sabio, which offers CTV ad targeting services.

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GRIN Raises $10 Million Series A for Influencer Management


Influencer marketing is another highly-targeted alternative to conventional media, but handling hundreds of influencer relationships is much more work than buying a display ad. GRIN offers an influencer management platform to help ecommerce companies solve that problem. They just raised a $10 million Series A, bringing total funding to $19.3 million.

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