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January 7, 2021

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Put Brief Hold on Sedition

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Put Brief Hold on Sedition


This isn’t a place for political news but we can’t pretend yesterday was normal. So let’s talk about the social media sites that drive so much violence. We’ll start with a report that Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter put a brief restriction the President’s riot-stoking messages. It's like keeping your teenager home one day from soccer practice because she just killed Granny.

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More Misinformation Comes from Humans than Bots: Studies


Taking a somewhat longer view, a recent study found that humans, not bots, have been the most important source of Covid-related misinformation. One individual was by far the biggest problem. Guess who?

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WhatsApp Users Required to Share Data with Facebook

Ars Technica

You didn’t expect today’s events to delay Facebook’s continued assault on privacy, did you? They just changed the WhatsApp privacy policy to require users to share data with Facebook or lose their accounts.

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