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January 12, 2021

Informatica Launches SaaS Master Data Management

Informatica Launches SaaS Master Data Management


We haven’t had much product news so far this year, Dear Reader, so I’m glad to report that Informatica has launched a SaaS version of its Customer 360 Master Data Management platform. The system includes data integration, data quality, process orchestration, and reference data management. Informatica’s CDP is a separate product, Customer 360 Insights.

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Tech Service Firms Hurt Least by COVID: Hinge Report


Last year was no fun for anyone, but this Hinge survey confirms that the tech industry suffered less than most. In fact, almost as many tech professional service firms reported that COVID helped their business (37%) as hurt it (42%). Tech was also the fastest-growing sector in the report, at 18%. Lots here on what distinguished high growth firms from the rest.

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RFPs Created More Work But Less Revenue Last Year: Loopio Survey


RFP automation vendor Loopio reports that RFP volume grew slightly last year, from 147 in 2019 to 150 in 2020, even though RFPs accounted for just 35% of revenue, down from 41%. You may be surprised to learn that software sellers receive fewer RFPs than hardware and most other industries. Download for oodles more detail. Yes, oodles.

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