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January 14, 2021

Neutronian Offers Data Quality Certification

Neutronian Offers Data Quality Certification


We just checked with Jamie, our Department of the Obvious Senior Intern, who confirmed that, yup, there's a lot of marketing data for sale. Neutronian helps marketers make smart choices by certifying the quality of different sources. They just announced a deal with audience data marketplace Eyeota to certify selected Eyeota data suppliers.

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Rhetorik Offers B2B Data Cleansing


B2B data collector Rhetorik is doing its bit to improve data quality by comparing a company’s own data with Rhetorik’s information. Its DataCliniq service will report on errors, make corrections, and add new companies and contacts. Prebuilt integrations are available with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot, Market and others.

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Snap Buys StreetCred for Location Data Skilz


Data quality starts at home. I mean literally, home, as in where you live. With that in mind, Snap just bought location data platform StreetCred to help build location-based products. Surveillance capitalism marches on.

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