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Data Discovery market projected to double as privacy, security and data management needs accelerate

Businesses face multiple challenges and demand grows for data solutions to help address global problems. This week, adtech comes under renewed scrutiny in the UK; employee surveillance prompts record fine in the EU; and South Africa raises alarms with a proposed biometric law. 

--Susan Raab, Editor

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Stricter Ad buy and RTB oversight 

UK ICO restarts investigation of adtech practices

Concerned that high velocity ad data trading does not keep personal data secure, the UK is initiating audits focusing on digital market platforms. The use of Real Time Bidding (RTB) by data brokers potentially exposes massive amounts of data to hundreds of companies without clear protocols for retention or use and regulators want to ensure privacy is protected. 

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Record fine imposed by German Data authority 

Employee surveillance prompts $12.7M fine of German tech retailer

Workplace surveillance is seen by regulators as a major violation and growing concern. A Lower Saxony Commissioner just set their highest fine in response to a German laptop retailer found to be recording videos of employees throughout their facility.  

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South Africa has raised privacy alarms with a new baby biometrics ID plan. Their proposed policy would collect detailed biometrics, such as photos of eyes, hands, feet, and possibly DNA data on every child born in the country. This would then be linked to parents' ID numbers and used for all ID documents. Key concerns would be data misuse and the absence of individual consent. 

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Data Discovery Market forecast to double to $14.4B by 2025

A bullish new Markets & Markets report forecasts rapid market growth. Key drivers are needs for: 

  • Discovery of structured and unstructured data
  • Keeping pace with privacy regs 
  • Improving security compliance 
  • COVID-19 data management

The pandemic has created strong pressure for businesses to address security concerns, add privacy protections and strategically respond to massive changes in the work environment.

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In Brief: 

U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) shown to be collecting location data on citizens without a warrant: The New York Times has reported that by purchasing sets of phone data from brokers, which includes both foreign and U.S. citizen information, the DIA may be circumventing a law meant to protect against digitally monitoring people's movements. Read More

Stealthbits' says new Data Privacy Engine enhances DSAR response speed while monitoring system security: Employing a multi-layer approach, the cybersecurity system can now access data privacy information while checking data security to reduce risk of breaches.  Read More

MeWe social platform continues growth, adding 2.5M users following U.S. Capitol break-in: Facebook's competitor known for its privacy stance of not viewing its users' posts has gained millions of viewers recently as mainstream platforms face heightened scrutiny. In context, MeWe reports 16 million users, while Facebook claims more than 1.8 billion. Read More

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