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February 3, 2021

CDP Leadspace Raises $46 Million

CDP Leadspace Raises $46 Million


B2B CDP Leadspace has raised a $46 million round, bringing their total to $107 million. The company specializes in enterprise-scale deployments with clients including Salesforce, American Express, Zoom, Microsoft, and Verizon.

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Twitter Buys Newsletter Tech Vendor Revue


Twitter has purchased email newsletter technology vendor Revue. It may seem an odd adjunct to Twitter’s core business, but the company points out that many journalists rely on Twitter as a source and outlet, so newsletters will help them further interact with their audiences.

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Infolinks Offers Identity-based Targeting without Cookies

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Contextual ads are an alternative to identity-based targeting that relies on cookies. But contextual ad network Infolinks has combined the two by enhancing ad bids with identity profiles from device graph builder Intent IQ. It’s possible because Intent IQ builds its profiles without using cookies or advertising device IDs (MAIDs).

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