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February 5, 2021

IT Leaders See High CDP Impact

Tech Marketers Plan More Personalization: FINITE Report


Let’s do some martech mind-reading today, Dear Reader. First we’ll look at B2B tech marketing community FINITE’s survey, which found that 65% of respondents plan to increase use of martech in 2021 and 75% plan to focus on personalization. That’s cheery!

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Two-Thirds of CMOs Plan Higher Martech Investment in 2021: CMO Council Study

CMO Council

CMO Council also had upbeat results: 69% said they plan higher martech spend in 2021. But there was an odd disconnect in their approach: while journey management and digital strategies were their top targets for business improvement, their highest martech priority was analytics.

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IT Leaders See High CDP Impact: Adobe Survey


And what do IT leaders think? Adobe found they rank CDPs (33%) second only to predictive analytics (37%) in impact on customer experience, well ahead of chatbots, robotic process automation, and other advanced technologies. Two-thirds said IT was solely (31%) or jointly (37%) in charge of martech, compared with 15% who said marketing was in control. You’d likely get a different answer if you polled a bunch of marketers.

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