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February 9, 2021

LiveRamp Buys DataFleets for Privacy-Safe Data Sharing

LiveRamp Buys DataFleets for Privacy-Safe Data Sharing


Data onboarder LiveRamp has purchased DataFleets, which lets companies analyze each others’ customer data without actually sharing it. The blanket label is federated analytics and explaining the details would use up my polysyllabic word quota for the week. The bottom line is that LiveRamp can do more with their data without breaking privacy rules.

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Successful B2B Marketers 77% More Likely to Have a CDP: Fortella Survey


Do you sometimes suspect that I read through huge surveys just to cherry-pick the answers about CDPs? Guilty as charged. Fortella asked B2B marketers several interesting questions but what caught my eye was that top-performing marketers were 77% more likely to use a CDP than average or underperforming marketers. Actual rates were 39% and 22%, giving a blended rate of 27%.

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Integration Is the Biggest Roadblock to Martech Tool Value: Outfunnel Report


Outfunnel and Copper didn't explicitly ask small business sales and marketing leaders about CDPs but they did find that easier integration heads the list of changes that would make their tech more useful. So we’ll count that as a plus in the CDP column even though SMBs don’t buy many CDPs quite yet.

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