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February 10, 2021

CDP Data Inputs Doubled in 2020

CDP Data Inputs Doubled in 2020: Segment Report


Here’s more evidence that CDP usage increased during the pandemic. Twilio Segment reports that monthly API calls to its product more than doubled from nearly 500 million in December 2019 to over one trillion in December 2020. Analytics, advertising, and warehouses were the top destinations by volume. Lots more here to sink your teeth into.

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Commsor Raises $16 Million Series A for Community Analytics


Commsor plays the same data unification tune as a CDP but limits its inputs to online communities such as Slack, GitHub, and Twitter. It then matches people active in more than one source to create its version of a unified profile. The company just raised a $16 million Series A. The product is still in beta.

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WPVIP Buys Parse.ly for Web Content Analytics

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Parse.ly gives content creators detailed insights into content performance and creates personalized content recommendations. They were just bought by WPVIP, which offers an enterprise-oriented version of WordPress and is owned by WordPress.com parent Automattic.

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