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February 11, 2021

Tapad Offers to Connect Cookie-Free Identifiers

Tapad Offers to Connect Cookie-Free Identifiers


Plenty of companies hope their digital identity solution will be the standard replacement for third-party cookies. ID graph vendor Tapad is hedging its bets with Switchboard, a service that will connect other companies’ identifiers. Partners include TheTradeDesk, Amobee, Martin, Eyeota, ShareThis, Catalina, Unified ID, Lotame, Audigent, BritePool, ID5, RetargetlyIDx. You’ll note a couple of big names are missing, including Neustar and LiveRamp.

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Clinch Adds FourSquare Data to Measure Ad Results

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The loss of third-party cookies makes two things harder: identifying ad recipients and measuring ad results. Both are important to dynamic creative optimization vendor Clinch, which relies on result measurement to fine-tune the ads it creates. They’ve just done a deal with FourSquare to gather foot traffic data for the measurement side of things.

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Ecommerce Marketers Plan More Personalization This Year: Searchspring Survey


Website personalization isn’t hurt much by the loss of third-party cookies, since it depends mostly on data collected directly within the Website itself. So don’t be surprised that site search and merchandising vendor Searchspring found 61% of its customers plan to invest in personalization this year. Also don’t be surprised that Searchspring just added a personalized recommendation module.

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