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March 14, 2017

Martech? Been There, Done That.

Umbel Adds Digital Sponsorship Suite for Sport Franchises


One CDP trend we watch is systems for vertical markets. As a CDP for sports, entertainment, and membership businesses, Umbel fits nicely. They’ve just launched a “digital sponsorship suite” that makes it easier for franchises to sell sponsorships by gathering data from fans and sending them targeted advertising. Speaking of trends, Umbel's combination of database building, analysis, and messaging clearly marks it as software for marketing departments, not an enterprise-run resource.  This is something we’ve been discussing on the Customer Experience Matrix blog.

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Survey: 73% of Marketers Have All The Tech They Need


Maybe marketers don't need more software.  In this Sailthru survey, 73% said they have in place the foundation and structure needed to excel at multi-channel/cross channel campaign management. Consistently, just 4% cited technology as their top challenge in 2017.  Top challenges were resources (21%) and growth (16%). A whopping 66% said they’re already using artificial intelligence, mentioning search, recommendation engines, and programmatic advertising. They’re not totally jaded, though: personalization ranked first as the innovation creating most excitement for 2017.

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Webinar, March 22: Retail Executive Guide to Enterprise Customer Data Platforms


If you don’t have all the tech you need, join the CDP Institute and AgilOne on March 22 at 10 a.m. Pacific to learn about requirements for enterprise CDPs. Lots of real-word examples on how CDPs give brands a competitive edge. Plus prizes for asking questions!

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