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February 12, 2021

Collibra Buys OwlDQ for AI-Based Data Discovery

Collibra Buys OwlDQ for AI-Based Data Discovery


Marketers mostly use AI systems to recommend content, but AI also plays a growing role in data management. Case in point: data governance vendor Collibra recently bought OwlDQ, which uses machine learning to classify the contents of unknown data sources. It’s especially helpful at finding customer data so companies can comply with privacy regulations.

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Marketing Is Far From Most Common AI Application: Rackspace Study


Marketing isn’t the only department using AI. In fact personalized journeys are the sixth most common use of AI, well behind analytics, optimization and innovation, according to this Rackspace survey of (mostly) IT people. Automated marketing campaigns ranks even further down the list. The report finds 82% of companies are still exploring or struggling with AI and most barriers are related to data quality.

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Marketing Departments Are Most Independent from IT: IDG Report


For better or worse, marketing has never been IT leaders’ main concern. This IDG reports gives typical results, showing CIOs are most focused on security, IT operations, and aligning with business goals. Marketers probably like it that way: the survey found that more marketing departments (34%) control their own IT spend than any other department.

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