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February 23, 2021

Personalization Isn’t Making Customers Happy

Personalization Isn’t Making Customers Happy: Merkle Report


Fifty seven percent of companies polled in this Merkle study are personalizing experiences in at least five channels and 59% have a consolidated customer profile. But consumers are not impressed: just 35% say that marketing and advertising meets their needs. Lots more here on CDP adoption, who’s in charge of CX, and obstacles to using data.

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Highspot Raises $200 Million Series E for Sales Enablement


Investors are clearly impressed with Highspot. The sales enablement company just raised a $200 million Series E, doubling its previous total of $197 million and valuing the company at $2.3 billion. Highspot says that usage also doubled from 2019 to 2020.

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Creatio Raises $69 Million for Low-Code Development and CRM


Low-code development platform Creatio also has new money, taking $68 million in its first round ever. In addition to its development tools, Creatio offers a prebuilt CRM with marketing, sales, and service systems including a unified customer database. Users can modify these to their hearts’ content.

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