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February 24, 2021

Nielsen Launches Cookie-Independent Attribution System

Nielsen Launches Cookie-Independent Attribution System


As adtech vendors scramble for cookie substitutes, it's easy to confuse ID systems used for targeting and systems for attribution. The big difference is that targeting systems need to identify as many people as possible while attribution systems can use a sample. Nielsen’s ID resolution system, announced last November, is aimed squarely at attribution: it uses first party data such as email addresses and device IDs to build a comprehensive picture of behaviors for a limited set of people and then validates the results against Nielsen panel data. They just announced Identity Sync, which expands coverage to include conversion events, enabling more thorough analytics.

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Oribi Raises $15.5 Million for No-Code Web Analytics

Venture Beat

I’m sure there’s a reason that Tel Aviv-based Web analytics start-up Oribi named itself after a small African antelope, although it might simply be an excuse to make hoodies with horns. Their fashion sense extends to their product positioning, which adds trendy no-code bling to Web analytics. The company just raised a $15.5 million Series B, bringing total funding to $27.9 million.

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Facebook Faces New Pressure in U.S. and Europe on Payments to News Providers


It might be a sin to enjoy seeing Facebook attacked from all sides, but it's worth it.  Having lost the battle against arbitration on news content payments to Australian publishers, the company now faces a joint push from Microsoft and major European publishers for similar rules.Meanwhile, a bipartisan coalition of U.S. legislators has proposed letting small publishers jointly negotiate news content payments without facing antitrust penalties.

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