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February 26, 2021

Lexer CDP Raises $25.5 Million Series B

Lexer CDP Raises $25.5 Million Series B


It’s funding all the way down today, Dear Reader. We’ll start with CDP Lexer, which just raised a $25.5 million Series B. Lexer is unusual in providing an interface for customer service agents as well as traditional CDP data unification and sharing capabilities.

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Terminus Adds $90 Million Series C for Account Based Marketing


Next, ABM platform Terminus announced a $90 million Series C, bringing total funding to $120 million. Terminus focuses on sales and marketing execution, but also includes a Data Studio that it calls “an embedded CDP”.

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Lob Announces $50 Million Series C for Direct Mail Tech


Lob – which is Bol spelled backwards – provides software and a print delivery network to streamline personalized direct mail production. They just raised their own $50 million Series C, bringing total funding to $80 million (according to their Web site) or $121 million (says Crunchbase). If they also claim to have a CDP, I missed it..

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