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March 1, 2021

Emotive Raises $50 Million for AI-Assisted Text Messaging

Emotive Raises $50 Million for AI-Assisted Text Messaging


Text messages get more response than perhaps any other medium, mostly because people assume they are coming from other human beings. Emotive is taking care of that, using artificial intelligence with human assistance to “replicate human interactions” to prevent cart abandonment, recommend products, and run promotions. They just raised a $50 million Series B to do even more of it.

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CMOs Feel Companies Have Emerged Stronger from Pandemic: Chief Outsiders Report

Chief Outsiders

Having weathered the pandemic leaves CMOs more confident about their ability to meet future challenges, according to this study from fractional CMO service Chief Outsiders. While 78.5% still see difficulty in staying ahead of technological advancements, that’s down from 88% one year ago. In fact, 92% say companies are more prepared to strategically pivot and more say the pandemic has been an opportunity (43%) than a threat (39%).

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Most Companies Will Build Not Buy New Communication Systems: Twilio Study


This Twilio survey also sees more silver lining than cloud, reporting that companies plan to add an average of four new communications channel this year. Nearly all (91%) of respondents would rather build than buy new communications solutions. The report provides interesting regional breakdowns if you care for that sort of thing.

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