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March 2, 2021

Companies Still Share Customer Data with Third-Parties

Companies Still Share Customer Data with Third-Parties: Winterberry Group Study


Tighter privacy regulations were supposed to deter companies from sharing their customer data, right? But this Winterberry Group paper gives a mixed message: it reports that 64% of U.S. respondents are collaborating directly others to share their data in a second-party relationship. Yet at least as many are also licensing their data to third parties for targeting and measurement.

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Companies Prioritize Privacy Compliance Over Marketing Results: Forrester Report


Forrester sees a different contradiction: it finds that companies are more worried about complying with privacy rules than cushioning their impact on marketing results. Responses came from a mix of marketing, analytics, and privacy leaders, so it’s likely that marketers alone would set different priorities. The study found measurable friction between the groups.

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Sourcepoint Lets Advertisers Avoid Sites with Poor Privacy


Companies that really care about privacy will also worry about how their partners treat customer data. Consent management vendor Sourcepoint has launched Privacy Lens, an automated service that scans publisher Web sites to check their privacy practices. Advertisers can then select only the publishers whose practices they find acceptable. The system also tells publishers how much revenue they might gain if they improved a particular practice.

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