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March 16, 2017

Campaign Monitor Buys Tagga Customer Data Platform

Campaign Monitor Acquires Tagga Customer Data Platform


Email marketing vendor Campaign Monitor yesterday announced its purchase of Customer Data Platform vendor Tagga. It's interesting on several levels: one of the few CDP acquisitions so far (surely more to follow); illustrates recognition of the need for more powerful data handling than conventional email systems provide; shows point solution vendors expanding footprint to compete with broader platforms/clouds/suites (also shown by recent Marketo/Infor deal). Beta integration due by end of 2017.

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CDP Signal Integrates with Tapad Cross-Device Identity Graph


Customer Data Platform vendor Signal announced a partnership with cross-device identity platform Tapad. The deal will help Signal clients associate multiple devices with customer profiles. Tapad has been licensing its identity graph since 2015 so nothing too new here.  But it's still evidence that cross-device is becoming a standard way to create more complete customer profiles.

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Lotame DMP Adds LiveRamp Integration to Connect Online and Offline Identities


Online/offline identity matcher LiveRamp also adds new partners all the time.  But its deal with Data Management Platform (DMP) vendor Lotame shows Lotame expanding beyond traditional DMP territory (anonymous profiles for ad audiences) to profiling known individuals across online and offline channels. That's CDP turf.  Lots of DMPs are doing this. Free advice to buyers: ask pointed questions about how DMP technology supports a use case so different from its original purpose.

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