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March 4, 2021

Sitecore Buys Boxever CDP

Sitecore Buys Boxever CDP


Well, that was a fun day. It started with news that CDP vendor Boxever is being bought by digital experience platform Sitecore. It’s the latest CDP acquisition by a company wanting to unify its collection of digital experience systems. Sitecore announced in January that it planned to spend $1.2 billion to its grow its business.

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Google Won’t Use Cookie Replacements for Individual-Level Ad Targeting


We also had a definitive announcement from Google that once it stops allowing third-party cookies in the Chrome browser, it also won’t accept similar-functioning replacements. Specifically, Google won’t build individual-level profiles based on browsing behavior. The move will favor publishers who collect huge stores of first party data, such as, well, Google.

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Okta Buys Auth0 and Aims to Compete with Salesforce


You know it was a busy day when a $6.5 billion acquisition is our number three item. Identity platform Okta just spent that much for Auth0, which offers similar capabilities but targets application developers. Forbes quoted Okta’s CEO as saying they are competing with Microsoft, Salesforce, and Zoom to be a “primary cloud”. Zoom?

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