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March 5, 2021

Marketers Still Expect Person-Based IDs to Replace Cookies

Marketers Still Expect Person-Based IDs to Replace Cookies: Lotame Survey


Yesterday’s announcement that Google wouldn’t support individual-level alternatives to cookie-based identifiers shouldn’t have been a surprise. But this Lotame survey shows that 60% of U.S. senior decision makers still expect to target ads using multiple, interoperable ID solutions and 22% think just one will be enough. Only 44% think that publishers’ first-party data is a good replacement for third-party cookies and fewer than 35% of marketers think contextual advertising will do the trick.

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Xandr Ad Targeting Will Support Multiple Person IDs


AT&T-owned ad platform Xandr is also clinging to the personal ID lifeboat. It just announced “agnostic interoperability” across individual-level ad targeting solutions including Unified ID 2.0, which The Trade Desk just handed to the Prebid standards group; LiveRamp’s Authenticated Identity Infrastructure; and Europe’s netID unified log-in project. But Xandr is also hedging its bets with support for alternatives such as modeled and contextual ad buys.

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Firefox Strengthens Anti-Tracking Protections and Brave Adds Privacy-First Search Engine


Advertisers can hope, but the odds against person-based targeting keep falling.  Firefox just extended its already-strong anti-tracking features by adding “cookie jars” that prevent websites from sharing cookies with each other. And privacy-centric browser firm Brave just bought independent search engine Tailcat, which promises not to track users.

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