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March 8, 2021

Hopin Raises $400 Million for Virtual Events

Hopin Raises $400 Million for Virtual Events

Business Wire

Let’s take a break from worrying about cookie replacements to look at a channel where the only cookies are the ones you can chew: events. While the pandemic halted live events, the online event industry has been booming. So much so that virtual event platform Hopin went from zero to 85,000 clients and 400 employees in less than two years. They just raised a $400 million Series C, bringing their total funding to $571 million.

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Nextech AR Launches Ad Network to Reach Virtual Event Attendees

Nextech AR

Nexttech AR also supports virtual events, although it’s just one of many uses for its augmented reality technology. Their latest venture is to add the ultimate real-world touch to their event experiences: advertising! Yep, they’ve set up a network to sell ads to virtual event attendees. Perhaps they can add some stale pastry and luke-warm coffee to complete the simulation.

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Top CEOs Prioritize Customer Experience But Not Marketing: IBM Report


You can bet your CEO doesn’t worry about missing cookies or stale pastries: she has staff for that. In fact, she probably isn’t thinking about marketing at all. This IBM survey found that just 19% of CEOs said their CMO held a critical role, compared with 57% for CFOs, 56% for COOs, and 39% for CIO/CTO. Only Chief Human Resources Officers ranked lower. While customer experience was a top priority, high-performing CEOs said new ecosystems and better data were the most important tools for improving it and put personalization dead last. Oddly enough, underperforming CEOs had the order reversed.

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