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March 9, 2021

Zapier Buys No-Code Training Site Makerpad

Zapier Buys No-Code Training Site Makerpad

Tech Crunch

No-code doesn’t mean no-skill or no-training. Zapier just illustrated that nicely by buying Makerpad, a no-code education service and community. No-word on price.

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Poor Data Agility Hurt Pandemic Response: Experian Report


One reason for the growth of no-code is failure of corporate IT groups to meet user needs. In fact, 62% of C-suite executives in this Experian study said a non-agile data processes hindered their response to the pandemic. No-code fans will be pleased that user friendly tools were their top solution (35%), although they were followed closely by more conventional approaches including agile development (32%), hiring more staff (32%), and data ops (27%).

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IT Managers Say 60% of Decisions Require Sub-Minute Data Access: Starburst Survey


You might expect IT professionals to be the most aware of pandemic-driven data demands, but just 53% in this survey from Red Hat and Starburst said data access became more critical last year. They did feel a need for speed: respondents said 60% of decisions require data access in under one minute and 39% require access in under one second. No mention here of no-code but lots on how hard it is to build data pipelines, which doesn’t seem like a job for amateurs.

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