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Automation to the rescue, or is it to invade your privacy? 

Sometimes it's hard to tell if the medicine is worth the cure. New technology this week helps reach customers, give up our dependence on cookies, turn over nav decisions to cars, and zip right through Moscow's metro - if you don't mind a face scan enroute. 

--Susan Raab, Editor

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Cross-device ID bridge for ads without 3rd party cookies

LiveIntent NonID integrates with MediaMath

With an integration that works across devices, LiveIntent's new NonID platform will help brands cope with the approaching reality of losing access to 3rd party cookies. It uses a hashed email address to connect and make actionable the first party data of publishers and marketers.

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Contactability is the goal. 

Neustar’s new TRUSTID Decisions fills outreach gap

The new decisioning solutions suite gives client outreach systems predictive model scores that identify how and when to best reach contacts. The system works using Neustar and customer-provided data to help ensure companies know who, when and how they can reach customers for optimal results – without needing to go through an IT department,  customer contact center, or analytics resources. 

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Oklahoma’s House of Representatives has passed a data privacy bill in an 85-11 vote. The legislation, which now moves to the state Senate, overcame industry opposition and adds pressure on the federal government to enact privacy legislation as Oklahoma joins California, Virginia, New York, Washington and other states. The four pillars of the new legislation are: right to know, right to delete, right to opt-out of collection, and an opt-in requirement beginning in 2023.  Private right of action didn't make it through committee.

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Evasive new technologies look avoid cookie blocks in response to pending Google changes

Google's plan to block use of third-party cookies in Chrome has alarmed advertisers and web publishers. Some are exploring workarounds via alternative tracking technologies such as CNAME.  Researchers believe these could put user data, credit card information and authentication credentials at risk. 

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Publishers worry about vendor compliance but many fail to check

Digital publishers know privacy compliance is crucial to avoid fines instituted by GDPR for content management. But, according to a survey conducted by Digiday in December, many are working with vendors who are not compliant, despite IAB Europe's Global Vendor List (GVL) of 600 vetted providers. 

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In Brief: 

Let your car take care of everything! : The Mobile Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI) can see your future – no need to navigate, steer, or worry about your privacy. MOBI, which has just released a new set of privacy-sensitive data sharing standards, lays out how this can work for them and for you. Read More

Ping Identity joins Digital Identity Foundation to advance open standards to provide ID control: This continues Ping's work to promote an open, standards-based approach to managing data. Recent work has included managing digital COVID-19 vaccination certificates.  Read More

Moscow sets end-year goal for metro transport Face Pay system: Moscow's plan to install 5,000 facial recognition cameras at metro turnstiles has set off privacy and human rights alarms that they will be used for surveillance as well as expedited payment for transport. Unfortunately, this is not a problem confined to Moscow given how many cameras are in world cities already. Read More

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