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March 10, 2021

One-Third of UK Marketers Use CDP for Email Data: Validity Survey

One-Third of UK Marketers Use CDP for Email Data: Validity Survey


We have no real news today, Dear Reader, unless you care that Dropbox is buying file sharing service DocSend for $165 million. So let’s look at surveys instead. Validity reports that 33% of UK marketers store their email data in a CDP, which is impressive but still behind CRM (53%) and email systems (50%). Only 58% collect customer names in addition to email, and even fewer collect phone number, location, postal address, product interests, or preferred contact channel.

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Just One-Quarter of Marketers Build Emails with No-Code Tools: Stensul Report


Sticking with email, Stensul found that nearly half (45%) of marketers are still coding their emails by hand while just 24% are using modules and templates. The manual coders spend four to eleven hours per email while the “no-code” users spend less than three. Advantage: no-code.

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Consumers Prefer Personalized Offers to Personalized Recommendations: Merkle Study


Switching to the consumer point of view, Merkle found that consumers are most comfortable when brands base personalization on purchase history and least comfortable when they use location, address, or income. Most (64%) want purchase history used for personalized offers but just 39% want it used for product recommendations and 38% for personalized content. One explanation: “offers” suggests a free or discounted product while recommendations and content do not. Along similar lines: Convey reports the practical benefits of free shipping, Prime membership, and easy purchase process are the top three reasons people shop at Amazon; personalization was nowhere on the list.

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