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March 11, 2021

IAB Defines Marketing AI Use Cases

IAB Defines Marketing AI Use Cases


The Interactive Advertising Bureau's AI working group just released a set of AI use cases for marketing. The eight use cases are…oh, just click and read it for yourself. And while you’re clicking, take a look at the IAB Tech Lab’s new set of proposed standards for addressability and privacy practices.

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What If Media Group Builds Team of AI Models to Run Acquisition Campaigns

What If Media Group

If you’re looking for concrete AI deployments, the What If Media Group just launched ARIA, an interconnected set of AI models that optimize customer acquisition campaigns. Different models find the right audience, pick the best content for each person, select the right channel and send at the right time. The system drives customer acquisition campaigns, which simplifies the task a bit because they target an immediate response.

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FlatFile Raises $35 Million Series A for Data Onboarding


Data migration is on the IAB’s list of AI applications, and data onboarding vendor FlatFile is an example. They simplify data ingestion, mapping, and cleaning, and have a no-code option if you're keeping score. They also have $35 million more than last week, having just completed a Series A.

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