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March 16, 2021

Privacy is Now Top CDP Goal

Privacy is Now Top CDP Goal: Tealium Report


The News Gods are off to a slow start this week, but they did share some interesting surveys. Best of all is one from Tealium, which digs deeply into our favorite subject. Most surprising finding is that respondents rate privacy protection as the top CDP outcome (64%), far ahead of acquisition (53%) and personalization (48%). Interest in real-time data collection waned last year as users focused on more prosaic issues including ID resolution, online data capture, and integration.

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Science Proves the Purchase Experience Outweighs Relationships and Brand Image: Havas Study


The fun-loving data department at Havas applied linear regression to 19,000 surveys with 30+ questions about 150 brands in three countries. The result was unusually solid data on what drives satisfaction with customer experience. Answers differ by country but for U.S. consumers the weights were 48% purchase experience, 29% relationship, and 23% brand image. The idea is the weights should help allocate investments to the most effective projects.

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Ads Timed to Customer Journey Stage Improve Results: MAGNA Report

MAGNA Global

IPG Media Lab and MAGNA also amped up the science, running sophisticated tests to measure the impact of optimized creative on purchases. The results were less than eye-opening: ads tailored to the customer’s journey stage work better than ads shown randomly. If you’ve been debating that at your company, find a new company.

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